Farmville 2: Country Escape: Tips, Hints, and Cheats

You have to do some Crafting…

It is useful to make money. Don’t sell your milk, cheese, and eggs since they are essential in crafting a few items in your kitchen. In addition, your animals will reach “Prized” status after they are fed so many times with Feed where you would only get Coins and XP when you ONLY tend them.

Once you have an animal that becomes “Prized”, you can move it to your inventory, which is highly recommended since this frees you to put more animals. To do this, you click on the Tools icon, click on the Red box (inventory), and pick the animal you want to put in inventory. Animals that can be fed can’t move into inventory. The other alternative is to sell them if you’re strapped for coins. Animals become prized, whether they were purchased with coins or FV2 cash. Those that were bought with FV2 cash like the Pygmy Goat take about 70 feeds before being prized while the others like the Red Goat (purchased with coins) take about 35 feeds before being prized. But if they become prized, I strongly suggest that you remove it from the farm and replace them with other animals.

First, you can hold down the left mouse button and drag the plants and trees to quickly perform the same task (plant, water, harvest, fertilizer, etc..). I noticed that the crops that take a day to grow (strawberry, carrot, sunflower, or cucumber) should only be planted when you’re close to leveling up, like at least 400 XP before hitting the next level.

Use your neighbors to instantly grow your crops and trees: 
You can get lots of neighbors through playing the game through Zynga and you don’t have to be their Facebook friend. When your neighbor visited your farm, mouse over their icon and you should get a preview on what they did in your farm, whether they tended crops, trees, or animals. Bottom line is to get as many neighbors as possible so that you can get a lot of work done in your farm.

There’s also a sign that you can buy for 100 Coins. You can use it to direct your neighbors to tend what you wanted done. For example, if I wanted them to tend my Lime Trees (they take up 6 units of Water), that’s where I would put the sign. I hardly use them because I’ve already educated my neighbors to tend Lime or Horses, the ones that take up the most resources.

Close to Leveling Up? It’s important to be aware of this tip. When you level up, the following will happen:
  • All WATERED crops and trees will immediately be available for harvest. 
  • All animals are immediately ready for feeding. 
  • You get several units of Water (similar to the Cityville and Castleville game in terms of Energy). 
  • You get full power restored for crafting. I have heard from several FarmVille 2 related sources that these features are here to stay, just like the CityVille and CastleVille game. So make sure your plants are watered, your animals are fed, and craft as much as you can because when you level up, your plants are immediately ready for harvest and your water and power are restored as well.

1. Don't use your Keys to finish tasks

2. Make more money selling your crops at the Farm Stand

3. Make sure you collect daily spins

4. Use Keys to upgrade your barn before anything else

5. Visit your friends' farms to earn coins and bonuses

6. If you're going to spend real money, spend it on Keys

7. Connect your Facebook account and get 25 free keys

8. Ask your Facebook friends for Speed Seed

9. Take advantage of Grandma's Glade every 15 minutes

10. Cheat time by changing your system clock/date in the settings section of your device

Keys and Speed Seed are the two “premium currencies” in Farmville 2: Country Escape.

Keys are somewhat hard to earn. Opening Hope Chests will give you a few, as will completing quests. (We’ll get to the Farmer’s Almanac and quests here in a sec.) They’re almost universally useful, though.

Keys are a very valuable currency, and I suggest that you not waste them to skip things that just take patience. Even when the tutorial messages seem to force you to spend keys you can just wait out the timers instead.

Speed Seed is earned by having your Facebook friends send it to you. Unlike keys, it is generally only useful for speeding things up, and you can only have a small amount of it in reserve at a time. If you’ve got friends who are willing to set you up with Speed Seed, you might as well use it!

The Farm Orders board is an important part of your Country Escape experience. Here, you can take the things you’ve farmed or made and sell them. The reward will be some amount of both coins and experience. Generally the reward is relative to how long and how complex the item is to create.

The Farm Orders board has 9 slots, and at first it will seem like you can just keep selling everything to the Farm Orders board all the time. However, as the number of things you can create grows, you’ll find that you can only sell certain items to the board at any given time.

Whatever you do, don’t neglect the Farmer’s Almanac, as it’s one of the primary sources of free keys in Farmville 2: Country Escape.