Farm Heroes Saga: Tips, Hints, and Cheats

The Absolute Best Cheat for Farm Heroes Saga

Lives/Booster Cheat:

Set your devices date ahead ;-)

If you don't like bugging your Facebook friends for lives or you're just downright impatient, there's a glitch in Farm Heroes Saga, just like in Candy Crush, that lets you move your system date ahead to replenish lives and boosters. Behold:
  •     Close out the game
  •     Go into **Settings > Date and Time > Set ahead one day except for road block situations,      then set it ahead 5 days
  •     Open Farm Heroes Saga and your lives as well as boosters will be replenished
  •     Close the game again
  •     Important!! Go back and change the date/time back to the correct date etc.
  •     Open Farm Heroes Saga and your all set!

  1. Gold Bars: It allows you to buy more moves to complete the level or extra time.
  2. Special Boosters: They will allow you to complete the levels with a little help. You can purchase the boosters or simply unlock them.
  3. Shovel Booster: It helps you to grow flower, cracks eggs, remove cropsies and to fill buckets.
  4. The Magic Shovel: It helps you remove the single object. You just have to click on the icon that says shovel on the top of the board & than click on the desired object and remove it.
  5. Animals: You can also use animals to help in the way with the cropsies and levels. Get the 3 starts & recruit the animals. Bull costs for 3 stars, sheep for 2 stars & chicken for 1 star.
  6. Tractor Booster: It collects and clears an whole row of crops. Simply choose the row & activate the booster.
  7. Flowers: Pink and Green leaves icons are the flowers. To open and watch the flowers grow you should match the cropsies around them. The more the matches the more make the flowers & more they will
  8. bloom and bosom. Try to match them as more as you can as few levels will need the flowers to bloom. Flowers are very bubbly and cute when they bloom.
  9. Frozen Crops: They must be loosen first, before matching. Identical to the flowers, first match frozen crops to unfreeze them.
  10. Ducklings: If you match 3 eggs then only they will hatch. You avoid the trouble later, first match the eggs.

You can simply use the following animals combination to receive free boosters:

                                             Duck + chicken + frog = Shovel Boosters (3)

                                             Cow + sheep + flamingo = Tracker Boosters (3)

                                             Crocodile + ostrich + bull = Bonus Reward Boosters (3)

                                             Goat + crab + rabbit = Shovel Boosters (3)

                                             Pony + seal + moose = Magic Beans (3000)

                                            Turtle + polar bear + ox = Color Collector Boosters (3)

                                            Squirrel + prairie dog + salamander = Magic Beans (3500)

                                            Meerkat + cat + deer = Shovel Boosters (5)

                                            Camel + fox + eagle = Color Collector Boosters (5)

  • Ride those Hero Mode multipliers
  • Don't waste beans on Rancid
  • Understand multipliers and beans
  • Flowers first
  • Extra moves
  • Don't let eggs build up
  • Stay low to the ground
  • Use gold to unlock gates, nothing else