Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hay Day Hints, Tips, Cheats and Walkthrough



  • How to get money VERY quickly

To get money extremely quickly in Hay Day, first, go hunting through your newspaper, and other people's newspapers, for construction equipment and saws, dynamite, and other goods selling in buld (I.E. 5 for 400 or something). Buy them all. Then, turn around and sell them individually for between 180 and 220 coins apiece, and put an advertisement on the very last one you list, so that when people go to the store, they will see all of them.
Diamond Trade Swap

Look for a farm called 10=1 diamond run by kyleigh.. I'm not sure how it works but every 100 you spend you get 1 free diamond... I'm currently on 20 diamonds. Check out how you cen get more diamonds in Hay Day.
Getting lots of extra items, tape, and more

Go to a friends farm and click on the toolbox. Sometimes it locked just click out of it but the reload the friends farm and find and click on it again. You can do this over and over again. When you reach your max u will continue to get the same item you last received. For more bolts, screws, tapes check this out.

  • Glitches

'Easy Gold'

First go to the roadshop and buy a new slot then on the one you bought sell 5 pieces of wood and if anyone buys it you will have 500,000 gold. Keep in mind this glitch only works once.
The Mystery Box is behind the house

... and you can’t get it!? Tap on the twinkling lights that float up…it will open.

  • Hints

Before you begin take a look at our quick seling and buying tips and tricks.

  • Fast XP

Wanna get fast XP: If you are level 15 or up and you have apple trees make sure you pick the apples you will get 7 XP per apple. Try and find apple advertisements in the paper, then visit the people that have apple advertisements then search their farm for shaking trees with exclamation marks on a sign, click on the sign and you get an XP reward. Complete orders on the order board. Visit other people's farm and look at their dock if it has a crate with an exclamation mark click it and take a look at the supplies you need to get an XP reward.

  • Cats and Dogs

You can buy the cats and dogs with vouchers and you gain vouchers from completing boat and truck orders or harvesting crops and treasure box. You can not trade them. When you have enough vouchers you can buy your cat or dog, but before you do this you must buy a cat or dog house. Your cats and dogs will need feeding, milk for cats and bacon for dogs. Every time you feed your pet you will get 30 xp. They only feed every few hours. Apart from the xp they are mainly a decorative purpose for your farm, or for some players, it is a achievement getting each individual pet.

  • Finding Missing Crops

If you have run out of a certain type of crop, go into your friends tab and select Greg. Enter his roadside shop and buy everything that is there. Some times there is even some tools there for a very low price. If Greg does not have what you want, visit other farms and go thought their Newspapers and buy what you need in bulk (like 10 wheat for $x).
Roadside Shop

Provided you have an available slot you can sell stuff at the roadside shop as often as you want. You can only get a free advertiment in the newspaper every 30 mins.
Wood Panels

These can either be found in the treasure chests or you can buy them with your diamonds. A good place to find them is when your are havesting crops as they will just appear and go into your barn.

  • Buying Missing Crops

If you are missing some crops simply go to a friends farm and find their roadside shop and tap on it and see what they are selling. Or if your level 7+ open your newspaper and see whats being sold.

  • Free stuff

Buy a lot of wheat until silo full plant half of it then turn your device up right and shake it while cutting down wheat u will get free items.

Earn diamonds

Diamonds and Coins are the two currencies in Hay Day and the diamonds are more valuable than coins. You'll get more Diamonds every time you level up, and it might be worth synching the game up with Facebook for a few extra free Diamonds. At level 24 in Hay Day you can begin mining - another source of this precious currency.

Another way to get more Diamonds in Hay Day is to keep an eye out for the purple tickets that sometimes appear near your newspaper. Once you've watched a clip, you'll be able to claim a handful of free Diamonds.

Another smart technique way to get more diamonds is to collect all seventy eight achievements (3 levels) Every time one of these levels is completed you're given a ribbon and a couple of diamonds. Through the same menu, you'll can also challenge Game Center friends by beating their scores or earn more achievements. Those challenges are sort of races where the first to complete that goal gets the reward. Note: you must claim the accomplishment reward in order to get it.

Open your mine and use TNT. It will produce diamonds every couple of blasts. When you have enough diamonds, pay for Tom's service and have him find nothing but TNT and load up on it. Then blow the mine and use as much metal as you can, again more diamonds will come every couple of blasts. Sell what metal you can't store. But you have to use tom and get a bunch of TNT.

The game is set up with in-game NPC "customers" who come make outlandish orders for far less money than you would get from selling the exact same products to other players through the in-game advertising system. Ignore these customers unless they are ordering eggs.

Instead, spend a day or two selling all of your produce and crafted goods at your roadside stand. Most crafted goods will sell relatively quickly at the max price allowed by the game because other players want them to fill orders on their river boat once they have it open. If you max the price and then drop it back down by about 10%, your goods will fly off the shelves. You'll make a fortune in no time.


Buy Building Materials with That Money

Once you have a decent amount of in-game money saved up, you can use it to buy the building materials you need without using any diamonds whatsoever. This includes upgrading your barn storage, upgrading your silo storage, and buying land plots to increase the size of your farm.

Find the materials you need through the ads that appear in your mailbox "newspaper" issues. You have to decide what you want ahead of time because this stuff sells FAST, but if you know what you want you can usually manage to make at least one successful purchase per "issue" of the in-game newspaper.

Because each issue lasts for several minutes, and because most issues contain no building materials at all, this process would be intolerably time-consuming if it weren't for a simple game-design principle built around memory management.

Game designers don't want to store anything on your iPhone (or iPad) that the game is not currently using. This frees up active memory, which makes App Store reviewers happy and gets the game accepted into iTunes. Furthermore, Hay Day is not played on Apple servers. It's played on proprietary servers controlled by Supercell. And Supercell doesn't want a lot of their server memory tied up with information you don't need.

What all this means is that the game doesn't hold on to those newspaper issues on either your iOS device or on its own server once the game gets disconnected. Leading us to...
Third: Know the Skinny on the Hay Day Trick

If you quit the game on your iOS device, the newspaper issue will de-spawn and when you restart the game you will get a new one without any waiting.

There's a trick to the trick, however, because you can't just hit the home button. All that does is put the game into the "background" without fully closing it. Hay Day will not disconnect you from its server for a few minutes of grace time, and your newspaper will not de-spawn. This is so that if you are just answering a quick text, for example, you can go back to your game right where you left it without having to reload everything.

Instead, press the home button to get out of the game, and then press the home button again twice in a row. This will bring up a row of apps along the bottom of your screen that you currently have open on your iOS device. Hold the Hay Day button until a red circle with a white dash in it appears, and press the red circle to shut it down. This will completely close out the game, disconnecting you from the Hay Day server and forcing the newspaper to de-spawn. (You might want to close out all of those other apps too, by the way, because apps running in the background can eat up active memory and drain your battery power.)

    IMPORTANT: Make sure that you are closing out the Hay Day icon below the line at the bottom of your screen. Holding down any icon on the normal screen and then pressing the "x" that appears will delete the game from your device!

Now, if you happen to have two iOS devices running on the same account (an iPhone and an iPad, for example, or an iPhone and an iPod touch), you can force newspaper re-spawns even faster. Just start the game on one device and check the current newspaper issue. Don't like it? No problem. Start the game on the other device, and you will see an alert pop up on the first device saying that the server connection was lost. (Remember, both devices must be on the same account to force the server logout.)

Now check the newspaper on your second device. It's a brand new issue! If you like something, buy it. It's the same game on the same account, so you can buy things on either device. (This is why logging into one device forces the logout on the other. The game can only "talk" to one open version of the same game at a time.) When you're done, chose the "reconnect" option in the alert on the first device. And voila! Another new issue!

    IMPORTANT: Be wary of doing anything besides scanning newspaper issues while hopping back and forth. If you plant crops on one device, for example, and then immediately switch to the other device, the game can bug and lose your crops. They won't show up in your fields, but they won't be in your silo anymore either. If you do buy something, go back to your home farm again before switching devices. This seems to force an inventory save, so you won't lose what you just bought.

You can hop between the two devices to your heart's content, using this method to buy as many upgrade materials as you need. Whether you're farming duct tape on one device or two, it's a little boring once you get the hang of it, but it lets you pour through thousands of player ads as fast as you can scan them rather than getting only a handful every few minutes. In an hour or two you should be able to rack up enough of what you need to make that barn or silo upgrade or that land purchase without spending any real money.